Watify matchmaking event on de- and remanufacturing

"Vanguard Initiative De- and Remanufacturing for Circular Economy"

The Watify initiative is an awareness-raising campaign, funded by the European Commission, to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe’s industry. Watify is organising a matchmaking event on De- and Remanufacturing.

May 5, 2017 | 9am - 5pm

Milan, Italy


  • Challenges of De- and Remanufacturing in European industrial sector
  • Inter-regional Match Making event
  • Bilateral and multilateral meetings between public and private actors
  • Inter-regional / Cross-border cooperation on targeted focus areas


The objective of the matchmaking event is to facilitate inter-regional / cross-border cooperation between regional public and private sector actors in the development of joint initiatives /partnerships or joint demonstration projects in De- and Remanufacturing – matching S3 priorities and exploiting identified synergies and complementary resources and strengths. Inter-regional or cross-border cooperation can help to exploit complementarities/synergies (i.e. different value chain positions, technologies, etc.), pool resources and infrastructures across Europe, address non-technological issues (e.g. standards) and enlarge the potential user-base.

The Vanguard Initiative “New Growth through Smart Specialisation” is an initiative that is driven by a political commitment of regions to use smart specialization strategy for boosting new growth through bottom-up entrepreneurial innovation and industrial renewal in European priority areas. The Vanguard Initiative has its foundations at the regional level and involves 18 regions in EU, including Lombardia.

What to Expect

Bilateral Meetings

Opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings.

Group Meetings

Opportunity to connect different actors for furthering potential inter-regional / cross-border cooperation on targeted focus areas.

Why participate?

  • Benefit from personalised and pre-arranged bilateral meetings
  • Connect with new technological/research/financing/commercial partners
  • Get informed on the opportunities and challenges of De- and Remanufacturing, with related projects or initiatives
  • Learn about regional competencies and complementarities
  • Initiate cross-border contacts, and explore potential opportunities for cooperation
  • Work towards the exploitation of synergies in cross-border value chains

Who should attend?

  • Research & Technology Organisations
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Business intermediaries
  • Businesses (especially SMEs and mid-caps)
  • Industry associations/representatives
  • Clusters

Venue & Location


Palazzo Regione Lombardia, Floor 39

Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1 (Nucleo 1) - 20124 Milano, Italy


To follow the event on Twitter and tweet about the event use:  #WatifyMilan